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Oregon Field Guide season 28 episode 5 Who's Watching Oregon's Wildlife, Slot Canyon Geology and Eulachon Smelt : Who's watching out for the 600 sensitive species of Oregon wildlife? Find out why many biologists say Oregon is falling behind when it comes to protecting species across Oregon.

Who's Watching Oregon's Wildlife, Slot Canyon Geology and Eulachon Smelt S28 Ep2805 | 28m 34s Oregon Field Guide Season 28 Episode 1. John Day River … OR: Oregon - Valhalla | Canyon Collective Feb 02, 2016 · Slideshow: See Valhalla Field Guide heads into the Oregon wilderness in search of a possibly undiscovered geologic wonder. Malone mounted three initial expeditions to the slot canyon. Each time he got a little bit farther than the previous trek. OPB’s Oregon Field Guide Unveils a New, Geologic Discovery Jan 31, 2016 · Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 31, 2016 This week, OPB will premiere a new, half-hour Oregon Field Guide special that reveals an unexplored geologic wonder in the Oregon wilderness: a hidden gorge featuring a chain of 10 waterfalls and unusual rock features such as a “slot canyon”—a deep, narrow canyon formed by water wearing through a geologic fault. Oregon Field Guide - TV Episode Calendar Oregon Field Guide revisits a story that originally aired in 2009. When it seemed that Oregon's urban-rural divide had grown into an unbridgeable chasm, a handful of ranchers from rural Grant county invited Portland school students to live and work alongside them, to see their side of life.

This secret canyon is pristinely beautiful, yet almost totally inaccessible. A few years ago, aAfter that initially sighting, it took him four years to find the mysterious slot canyon at ground level.This gorgeous video poem was created by UncagetheSoul in collaboration with OPB Oregon Field Guide.

A path leads up and across the creek making use of rocks to hop across and logs to walk along. As the walls of the gorge come together and form a slot canyon-like alley, you’ll meet a cluster of tree trunks that present you’re first real obstacle. Climb over these logs and boulders, generally sticking to the left side of the gorge. How to Explore Arizona's 4 Most Iconic Slot Canyons How to Explore Arizona's 4 Most Iconic Slot Canyons August 1, 2016 Jeremy Meek + Save to a List Few, if any, slot canyons in the world can come close to rivaling the awe-inspiring curves and undulations of the sandstone slot canyons near Page, Arizona.

An uncharted slot canyon was recently found deep in an Oregon forest, which left us wondering, what exactly is a slot canyon? ... Oregon's Hidden Gorge Slot Canyons, Explained ... And that’s ...

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Crack in the Ground, or more accurately, volcanic fissure in the ground, resembles a slot canyon - Pacific Northwest style. A pair of igneous cliffs covered in moss stretch up to 70 feet tall from the fissure's bottom, separated by only arm's width in some sections. Valhalla on Vimeo For the Oregon Field Guide expedition team who made a first decent of Valhalla in the summer of 2015, the excitement of discovering a place untrammeled by man was also met with a sense of responsibility.